We are a bit different from everyone else. Yes, we offer Internet media services but the value proposition we deliver is that we focus a lot on how the finished product will relate to the profit flow. We deliver solutions that the Client requests but we ask real questions about how this is going to make money. Many Clients get a little romantic about the Internet and we focus on the practical solutions.

About M3

We are a small company based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
We get close to our Clients since there are not too many layers of management. We do not know everything (nobody does) and we do work with specialist contractors where we need the extra expertise for a Client assignment.

We are always learning, there is no other way, the way Internet technology is used means that you must have the ability and flexibility to change rapidly. It is not our goal to be a large company, we prefer the personal touch.

We can work with a Client on a single assignment but also we can work on a range of projects over many years.


The scope of our service covers some logical technology boundaries. We list the main ones below just to give you an idea of what perhaps you should be thinking if you are strengthening your Internet presence.

Mobile Application

The market certainly moved away from desktop computers. More people search the web from a smartphone than any other device now so this is a core technology. The challenge is that a website has to be able to respond to a smartphone user and a computer user since a site will appear differently in both formats. The site has to be friendly and easy to read and use. The nature of a mobile medium however does also present new opportunities, it is Internet in local environments so to see thinks from the perspective of the user location is also important.


This is a very misunderstood concept and must be viewed from the perspective of each individual business and type of product. An e-commerce site does not suit every business but some form of driving business opportunity of course can be designed. e-commerce is still in the very early stages, it is expanding and becoming a very significant force. It is not going to go away and should be embraced by every business in some form.

Web Design

This is the classic, the core of our business since this is reflected to some extent in everything we work on. There are different core types of site for different situations. Some are quick and cheap, others take a lot of time and may be presented in several different development stages, perhaps even over many years.

Web Development

You may have an existing website and need a review, or need to have problems fixed, or wish to expand the site. We can help. You may need to keep a site up to date with regular fresh content (since that is what the search engines like to see), we can help with that as well. We work from your foundations and push forward to the next generation.

Website Maintenance

All sites need checking periodically to make sure that they are performing well. Future releases of browsers are not guaranteed to work with your site so perhaps a little bit of rewriting is needed as new software appears. Some new security exploits may need fixing. Perhaps your hosting needs update files installing. We will look at many facets to make sure that your site stays on solid foundations.


This is often totally overlooked. Brand recognition is a fundamental for all businesses. It is not just a company logo but it is also setting standards - what is the precise (Pantone) company colour / what font should the company use...... This also extends to where the branding should appear. If you need caps or t-shirts or umbrellas or other promotional items all in standard colors and designs, well we can help out with that as well. If you have relatively small numbers to distribute we can do that for you as well using the Post Office services to send to your users / customers / staff.

Graphic Design

If you need help with graphics based images, or perhaps need photographs taking to fit in for your site, we can help. It all depends on what you need....... We can offer jpg file or svg (scalable vector graphic) or, well, tell us what is needed ....

Logo & Visual Identity

We can design or refresh your company logo. We can standardize the colors and make sure that graphics will smoothly scale for all sizes and forms of print output. For this service we do use an external associate so that we get the freshest and most focussed ideas.

Social Marketing

In building a business the power of social marketing should not be overlooked. We can establish your presence on a range of social platforms so that you get visibility that is linked to your website. It all helps ot increase exposure and drive in traffic.


Well you will need a place to host your website. We do not host on our own servers but we do rent rack space in locations that are connected to the Internet by high speed backbone fiber. That way we can guarantee that a site will always be up and the site performance speed will be seen as fast no matter where you are on the planet. We do not use second tier hosting, we do need the best.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is totally a black art. Since the main search engines do not identify how their ranking processes work we do not get too clever here. Our focus is more on making sure the core SEO foundations are covered rather than pretending that exotic tuning will deliver any tangible objective result. We take the basic steps that deliver the visible measurable results.
GOT questions?

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